About Us

Nobody knows Portugal better than Portugala.com. Because at Portugala we offer you Portugal from the inside. Portugal, situated in the extreme south west of Europe, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, is a country with more than eight centuries of history. In the XV century, Portugal led the Discoveries of the globe, and it is said that she ‘gave new Worlds to the world’. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, Portugal sent her sailors out into uncharted seas and they were the first Europeans to discover the Atlantic passage to India and China.

Superb accommodation, great locations , excellent prices, all personally arranged by Portugala’s own staff here in London and Portugal. Our home is your home for your all too short stay, so like all good hosts, we’ll ensure you enjoy a great time in every way we can.

Especially when it comes to attention to detail in the things that matter most. That’s why each villa and apartment has been hand picked with the insight that comes from experience, with you in mind.   Whether you’re a young family, a carefree crowd of singles, honeymooners, even second honeymooners, Portugala.com know just what you’re looking for. Discover Portugal, a diverse and different country, with her European heritage depicted in castles, cathedrals, fortresses and strongholds.

Portugal is a wholly fascinating and unexpected discovery of landscapes. With its hot summers, mild winters and over 500 miles of golden sandy beaches, Portugal is the ideal choice. One of the oldest nations in Europe, with a rich and complex history largely dominated by the sea, it has been a member of the European Community since 1986.

Over one hundred beaches were awarded EC Blue Flags, over forty of them in the Algarve, making Portugal’s coastline the best in Europe. Choose the sophistication and elegance of the Lisbon and Estoril Coast, sun, sea, sand, sports, plus big Lisbon city life is only a short train or car ride away.

Experience the history and verdant splendour of the Oporto and Northern Portugal, (Green Coast), with its great natural beauty. Centuries of conquest and heritage are reflected in its medieval towns and villages, plus a wealth of sights and delights to be enjoyed in its beaches, spas, wines, handicraft, warmth and bonhomie. Forest areas, rich in species, colours and magnificent tones of green make up some of the most important ecological reserves in Europe.

Or make for the Beiras – Central Portugal (Silver Coast) which covers some of the country’s        breathtaking scenery.                                                                                                                                                                          Alentejo – vast open plains with rich pasture lands where fields of rice and wheat are caressed by warm breezes. Or visit the Mountains of Northern and Central Portugal and experience tranquillity, tradition and the ways of a pastoral life.

Or go further south, to the Algarve – 150 miles of some of the world’s most glorious sandy beaches – a sun-seekers paradise with over 5.500 hours per year, a sportslover’s dream, and everyone’s promise of good food, good wines, good times.

Then there are the arquipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, inviting you to discover their exotic, enchanting and tranquil characters.

Wherever you choose it’s Portugala.com first choice – which means the standards of quality, service and value are good enough to ensure that your enjoyment and comfort are without question. Come and discover now, the country of the discoveries.