Nobody knows Portugal better than

Because at Portugala we offer you Portugal from the inside. Portugal, situated in the extreme south west of Europe, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, is a country with more than eight centuries of history. In the XV century, Portugal led the Discoveries of the globe, and it is said that she ‘gave new Worlds to the world’. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, Portugal sent her sailors out into uncharted seas and they were the first Europeans to discover the Atlantic passage to India and China.

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Portugal is a wholly fascinating and unexpected discovery of landscapes, choose the sophistication and elegance of the Lisbon Coast or Lisbon & Tagus Valley. Visit the Mountains of northern and central Portugal and experience tranquillity, tradition and history with its great natural beauty.

The vast open plains of Alentejo with rich pasture lands or go further south, to the Algarve with some of the world’s most glorious sandy beaches. Then there are the arquipelagos of Madeira, Porto Santo and the Azores, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, inviting you to discover their exotic, enchanting and tranquil character.